Brand Launching

Carvajal Empaques’s brand launching was held in CDMX with different public relations undertakings, in order to position the message across communication and social media. 

Carvajal Empaques assumes sustainability as a commitment that all its collaborators have with the environment in order to be profitable, setting an example in terms of recycling and using natural resources responsibly. 

More than 20 media organizations of more than 10 different publications and social media groups attended the event, representing more than 1.5 million hits.

During said event, presenters referred to the tradition brands that are included in the group, 60 years of Bosco® tradition continues to meet the needs of our customers, always present in every stage and every significant moment of your life, from the first birthday celebration, your first get together with friends, your graduation party, your first love, your wedding, your first baby, that family celebration and all those special moments. Therefore, we would like to present the new image for our brand starting the second half of 2018.

Speaking of Convermex®, after 50 years of being our clients’ and their customers’ best ally, it is our turn to renew ourselves as a complete packaging solution facilitating the recognition of each one of our products.

Also, during this event, we launched a new Brand that will allow us to service all the big and small food chains with the quality and professionalism that characterizes us.