Innovation, Quality and Service

One Product for every need, variety, efficiency and performance.

Our line of cups, plates, containers, lids, cutlery and more is one of the most complete in the market in terms of size, capacity and density. We offer a solution for every type of food and beverage, maintaining the integrity and ideal temperature for consumption.

Engraved products: Carvajal Empaques offers an extensive line of personalized and generic engraved products known for their high quality of printed and engraved production.

A market for the future backed by 45 years of success

The search for higher profitability between production and marketing has allowed Carvajal Empaques to be the leader in the recyclable plastic sector nationwide. Control and understanding of every phase of the process, from manufacturing to customer service, allows us to stand as leaders of the disposable product sector in the domestic market and be the third largest company worldwide.

Innovation, Quality and Service

At Carvajal Empaques, we bring state of the art technology together with a strategic distribution system that works to exceed expectations within a unique environment of hygiene and quality.
  • Competitive excellence with creativity and innovation
  • Comprehensive development of personnel and teamwork
  • Commitment and responsibility with the environment
  • Quality oriented products that reach the client
The human capital associated with our company, caring actions for our surroundings and our responsibility with the environment has earned us the clean industry certification from SEMARNAT (Ministry of environment and natural resources) and PROFEPA (Federal attorney for environmental protection). An example of innovation and state of the art technology, like the machinery used and the GRAPHICUP’S EPS molds, light container that prevents burns and has the highest quality of graphics in the world.
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