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Who we are

Organización Carvajal was founded in 1904 in the city of Santiago de Cali, Colombia; in the year 2011, Carvajal Empaques opened business in Mexico becoming the third largest global-wide company dedicated to the production and distribution of packaging solutions.

At Carvajal Empaques, we work under the framework of six objectives that guide the efforts of all our collaborators:

  • To fulfill commitments
  • To evolve together with our clients
  • To challenge ourselves to be competitive
  • To be innovative in the world of packaging
  • To develop talent to create value
  • To be sustainable

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Carvajal Empaques
Carvajal Empaques

Our Brands

We offer packaging solutions for industrial, Food Service and Home segments. We rely on cutting edge technology to offer our clients different products that are tailored to their needs and preferences.

Everything you look for to sell or supply to your clients, for parties, to dispense all type of food or beverages, for home deliveries or simply to make your life easier.

We have cups, plates, containers, packages, ice boxes and even tortilla holders.

Our brands offer the best quality products at the best price.

Our Products

Our clients are our partners and we stand with them with products that evolve. We deliver in terms of quantity and opportunity.

With the purpose of servicing market needs, we invite you to take a look at all the products we have for each market segment.

Visit our catalogue

Plates carvajal empaques Plates carvajal empaques
Cutlery carvajal empaques Cutlery carvajal empaques
Foamed carvajal empaques Foamed carvajal empaques
Graphicup convermex Graphicup convermex
Lids Convermex Lids Convermex
Tortilla Holders carvajal empaques Tortilla Holders carvajal empaques
Paper cups carvajal empaques Paper cups y domos carvajal empaques
Products biodegradable carvajal empaques Products biodegradable carvajal empaques
plastic cups and containers carvajal empaques plastic cups and containers carvajal empaques
cups and thermal containers carvajal empaques cups and thermal containers carvajal empaques
recyclable products convermex

We are committed to you and to the environment;
thus, all our products are 100% recyclable.


News notes

Our products are 100% recyclable

With the purpose of continuing to be your number one option, we introduce our new paper cups. 

One person uses 38 thousand straws in his life


L16ST Lid with hole for the straw.  For you to choose.

Ideal for cold and/or hot drinks.  Fits with cups:
  • 12B16   -   16B16
  • 20B16   -   24B16

Brand Launching

Carvajal Empaques’s brand launching was held in CDMX with different public relations undertakings, in order to position the message across communication and social media. 

Branch Offices

mapa mexico San Antonio el salvador colombia chile Chile Ecuador logo carvajal
MÉXICO - Convermex - Carvajal Empaques S.A.
Calle Entronque No. 25 Zona Industrial Oriente
C.P. 72300 Puebla, Pue.
Tel.(222) 2826000 / 2826077
SAN ANTONIO - Convermex - Carvajal Empaques S.A.
4400 Tejasco Dr. Suite 120 Rittiman West, Bldg. 5 San Antonio, Texas C.P. 78218
Tel. (001) 210 319 29 72
EL SALVADOR - Empaques Modernos - Carvajal Empaques S.A.
Km. 10 ½ Carretera al Puerto de La Libertad Santa Tecla, El Salvador.
Tel. PBX: 503-22487800 Fax: 503-22487801 Servicio al Cliente Ventas: 503-22487828
COLOMBIA - Carvajal Empaques S.A.
Oficina Comercial Av. El Dorado #90-10
Tel. 410 49 66
PERÚ - Pamolsa - Carvajal Empaques S.A.
Oficinas Comerciales y Planta
Av. Elmer Faucett 3486 Urb. Bocanegra, Callao, Lima - Perú.
Tel. (511) 710-3020 Fax: (511) 710-3028
CHILE - Carvajal Empaques S.A.
San Ignacio 850 Centro Industrial Buenaventura, Quilicura, Santiago - Chile
Tel. 56-2- 482 1200
ECUADOR - Carvajal Empaques S.A. Visipak
Km 4.5 Vía Duran-Tambo, Plaza Sai Baba, Bodega 229, Cantón Duran. C.P. 090701
Tel: (2) 2994800
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